To launch W+K Platform, each Platformer made components of the letters "PLaTFORM" in a way that will say something about themselves. I was given the "–" part of T and the "•" part of a


As an architect, city planner, and urban designer who has lived in numerous cities, it's probably no surprise that I am fascinated by different urban formations and their unique cultures. Using pieces of maps of the different cities that I have lived in, I started a 3D collage on top of London as a base, with transplanted urban attributes from different cities. My colleagues are invited to add their own interpretations with bits from their own home cities, layering over the collective work over time in Platform.



Growing up in an united-nations-of-kids-classroom in foreign land, I always remembered the first days of school trying to communicate (or not bother at all) with other foreign second graders. Inspired by the different ways people communicate nonverbally, the SARS masks instant mute phenomenon, and how t-shirts bear messages today, I thought we could have some fun with some customized masks representing the W+K culture.